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UK Site Hoarding is a professional hoarding and fencing contractor with years of experience working in the hoarding industry. At UK Site Hoarding, we work closely with our clients to create a high-quality hoarding based on a specialised design, with individual character to suit our clients’ hoarding and fencing requirements. 

For UK sites to achieve CDM regulations, each construction site requires a fence around the perimeter of the site, usually, but not limited to timber hoarding systems. UK Site Hoarding works to meet these regulations, whilst promoting our clients’ business through a great first impression of the site. All UK Site Hoarding projects are wind loaded and calculated to suit our clients’ needs. We provide full support to our clients through our range of services. 


UK Site Hoarding have a 20,000ft commercial yard located in South West London, with easy access to wider regions.

Our facilities space includes;

  • A safe storage area for materials;

  • Our own paint and metal workshops, providing in-house bespoke gates;

  • A dedicated meeting space to discuss our client’s needs face-to-face; and

  • Dedicated offices for our in-house commercial and design team.

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